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our hot water heater is one of an essential element to the function of your home. Whether washing dishes, doing laundry or taking a shower, you need hot water and without a hot water heater, you would probably be a bit uncomfortable.

Whether you may realize it or not, your hot water heater is frequently used, and you probably take this amenity for granted. We are so used to turning on the hot water knob and instantly, we have the luxury of a warm bath or shower. Once the hot water has run out, then we start to panic. At Order a Plumber, we don’t want you ever to be in a situation where your hot water has turned cold.

We have over 25 years’ experience in hot water heater installation and maintenance throughout Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Babylon area. Whether you need commercial or residential services, we can expertly install a new hot water heater or perform regular maintenance on your existing one.

Routine care and preventative maintenance on your hot water heater will ensure your unit has a longer lasting life. To avoid hot water heater malfunction, regular upkeep is required. Ongoing maintenance will not only save you a headache; you will save time and money as hot water heater repairs can be costly.

Order a Plumber proudly offers hot water heater installation and maintenance services to keep your unit running in tip-top shape! Neglecting your hot water heater system could have the following costly ramifications:

  • Water Leaks – This can cause damage to your home which can be quite expensive to repair

  • Gas Leaks – Leaking gas can pose a health hazard

  • Carbon Monoxide leaks – a silent health hazard that can also be deadly

Order a Plumber has been recognized as a top leader in hot water heater installation, maintenance, and repair throughout Babylon as well as all of Suffolk County. We take our time to assess the condition of your current hot water heater system and make the proper recommendations to keep your home safe and your unit running efficiently. Here are some of the benefits of regular care and maintenance of your hot water heater.

  • System will run more efficiently

  • Saves money on water heating costs

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Saves costs on your energy bill

  • Longer life of the unit

  • Decreased in chance of running out of hot water

At Order a Plumber we know everything there is to know about hot water heaters. We can install and maintain both electrical and gas hot water heaters, as well as thermostat replacements and more.

Order a Plumber is conveniently located near all towns in Suffolk County, New York including Babylon, which is home to beautiful Argyle Lake and also a short boat ride away from the Fire Island National Seashore.


I had recently noticed my hot water was running intermittently. I called Order a Plumber to assess the situation, and they took care of the problem right away. I’m now on a regular maintenance schedule so that I won’t have any future problems. I had friendly, fast and affordable service. I would be happy to recommend Order a Plumber to anyone who needs plumbing services.

Kimberly B. – Babylon, NY