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Order a Plumber offers baseboard heating installation and repair services. We have been servicing the Long Island including the Central Islip area for over 25 years. Whether commercial or residential, Order a Plumber can handle any plumbing project big or small. We have the experience, tools and trained technicians to get the job done right.

Should you need new baseboards installed or repair to your existing one, we can help. Because electricity and heat are involved, this type of installation often has many potential hazards if not done correctly. It is always best to hire a professional to repair or install your baseboard heating system. Order a Plumber offers some of the top-notch brands in baseboard fixtures to ensure long lasting quality and reliability. There are a few indicators in which to can be an indicator to baseboard heater problems. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Intermittent or lack of heat

  • Blocked airflow

  • Persistent smoky or oily smell

  • Temperature inconsistency

  • Constant clicking noise

If you are experiencing any of the above on a regular basis, then it may be time to either repair or replace your baseboard. We offer 24-hour emergency service should your baseboard heating system shuts down completely.

There are also many easy ways in which to prevent your baseboard heaters from failing. Simple measures can go a long way and will save you time and money in maintenance and repairs. Just by keeping them clean can prevent a multitude of issues. The following are some tips on how to clean your baseboard heater:

  • Shut power off the baseboard heater and remove cover

  • Remove any large pieces of debris, crumbs and wads of dust by hand (you can use gloves)

  • Once large pieces of debris are removed, vacuum with a soft brush attachment

  • Heater fins are sensitive to damage so run the brush over them very carefully as not to bend them. If they are accidentally damaged, you can carefully straighten them using needle nose pliers.

  • Between the fins is a hard to reach area. Using a soft paintbrush to loosen up dust and debris works well.

  • Once the inside has been cleaned, replace the cover and wipe down.

Order a Plumber is conveniently located near all towns in Suffolk County, New York including Central Islip. Suffolk County District Court which is located on Carleton Avenue in Central Islip, has been noted to hold some of the most notorious court cases on Long Island. Christie Brinkley, who is a long time Long Island resident, had a very public divorce case held at the Suffolk County District Courthouse.

My husband and I just had a baby. Since we both work from home, we had to give up our office and make it the baby’s room. In turn, we decided to renovate our garage and turn it into our new office. Since we were starting from scratch, we needed to add baseboard heating. My sister recommended Order a Plumber and we were very pleased with their service. Not only did they give us a great price on the baseboard heater that was installed, their labor is affordable too! The level of service we received was top notch. We will always recommend Order a Plumber to everyone needing their services.

Michael and Jennifer R. – Central Islip, NY