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From washing your hands to washing your clothing, you rely on running water on a daily basis; and you probably don’t give any of these tasks much thought. However, behind the water that runs through your faucets, your toilet, your washing machine and your hose, there is an intricate system at work – your plumbing system, of course.

Being that running water is so important, having a plumbing system that’s reliable and that works properly is vital. For that reason, when it comes to your plumbing needs, you want to make sure that you hire a plumber you can rely on to get the job done the right way.

There are tons of plumbers in the Islip Terrace area, but none of them offer the same quality and service that Order A Plumber offers. For more than 25 years, our professional, reliable and highly experienced plumbers have been offering plumbing services and solutions in Islip Terrace, throughout Suffolk County, and throughout all of Long Island.

Whether you need to have new plumbing lines installed, or you need to have your existing plumbing systems maintained or repaired, you can count on the quality and service that Order A Plumber offers. We are the most trusted plumbing company in the Islip Terrace area, and we are the first company that residents and business owners call for their plumbing needs.

What makes Order A Plumber so much different than other plumbers in the Islip Terrace area? Honestly, it’s our commitment to providing the highest quality, most affordable residential and commercial plumbing services on Long Island.

We are Fully Licensed

There are tons of plumbers, and those plumbers may do great work; however, if you want to make sure that the work will be done properly and completed by competent professionals, you want to make sure that company you employ has the proper licensing.

Order A Plumber is fully licensed, certified and insured to operate in the State of New York, and that says a lot about our quality of service.

We have Tons of Experience

Sure, a new plumber may be able to provide you with excellent service; however, there is something to be said for experience. More experience = more knowledge and better competency.

Order A Plumber has more than 25 years of experience providing commercial and residential plumbing in Islip Terrace and the surrounding areas. We take our experience and apply it to every job we work on. We’ve seen all types of hot water heater and boiler problems. We’ve installed countless hot water heaters and boilers from the top brands in the industry. In the past 25 years, we have seen it all, and we have done it all, which means you can be sure that you’ll have a competent plumber on the job when you hire us.

Affordable Prices

So many plumbers overcharge their clients, and that’s something you just shouldn’t tolerate.

Order A Plumber will always provide you with an accurate price quote before completing any work, and we’ll make sure that you approve that quote. Of course, if we find that a particular service will be different than the price we quoted, we’ll let you know in advance of completing the service to ensure you are aware of the price change, and that you are on board with it.

We have Great References

A quality plumber should be able to provide you with great references, and Order A Plumber has tons of them! We will gladly provide you with references from clients we have worked with in the past so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you are hiring a company you can count on.

Order A Plumber is located near all points in Islip Terrace, such as Beaver Dam Park and Connetquot Elementary School, so you can be sure that we will be at your location, wherever it may be, in no time. Call us today to discuss your plumbing needs and schedule an appointment.


When we were remodeling our bathroom, we called several plumbers in the Islip Terrace area. We were shocked by the price quotes we received from many of them. When we contacted Order A Plumber, we were delighted to find that they were not only affordable, but that they had tons of experience, were friendly, and were available when we needed them. We highly recommend Order A Plumber!

John J. – Islip Terrace, NY