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Though most people only call a plumber when an issue with their plumbing system arises, it is a wise idea to develop a relationship with a reputable plumber even if you aren’t experiencing a plumbing issue.

Not only do plumbers provide routine and preventative maintenance for your plumbing system, but they also correct any issues that may arise. By having a relationship with a plumbing company, you can be sure that your system will remain in tip-top condition, and you can also be sure that you will have a plumber you can trust perform repairs should any issue arise.

Order A Plumber is proud to be the leading plumbing company in West Islip, as well as all of Suffolk County and Long Island. We have been in business for more than 25 years, and we have developed great relationships with many of the residents and business owners in the West Babylon area. We always welcome new customers, too, so if you are looking for a plumbing company that you can count on to care for one of the most important components in your home, then you should call Order A Plumber.

We know that there are tons of plumbers that service the West Islip area, so why should you choose Order A Plumber over the other plumbers? Here’s a look at some of the reasons why we have become one of the most trusted plumbing companies in the area:

  • We are committed to your satisfaction. At Order A Plumber, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. To ensure your satisfaction, our plumbers work around your schedule and always show up when they say they will. We also provide some of the most affordable prices you can find, which is exceptionally important in an industry where other ‘professional’ plumbers overcharge their clients.
  • We are always prepared. When we arrive at your location, whether it’s your home or your business, we are always prepared and ready to work. Our work trucks are loaded with all of the tools and equipment that we need to get the job done. Should we find that you have an issue that requires additional materials, such as the installation of a new boiler, we will make sure that we arrive with all of the components that are necessary to install it on our next visit.
  • We respect your space. We’ve heard horror stories from our clients about plumbers who haven’t respected their space. They’ve actually left stains on their carpets, damaged their furnishings and not cleaned up after themselves. When you call Order A Plumber, those type of things will never happen. Our plumbers will always respect your space, making sure that we are mindful of your furnishings and appliances, cleaning up after ourselves and making sure that we leave your house or workplace in the same condition it was before we arrived.
  • We are extremely knowledgeable. Not only do our plumbers have ample experience, but they have also received the most extensive training, and continue to expand their knowledge about plumbing. In order for a plumbing service to be properly executed, a plumber must have in-depth knowledge, and that is something that all of our plumbers has.

At Order A Plumber, we pride ourselves on being the best, which is why we have developed a reputation of excellence in the West Islip area, which is home to the beautiful Deer Lake and Swan Creek. Wherever your home or business is situated within the town of West Islip, the professionals at Order A Plumber will gladly service all of your plumbing needs.


When we were building our new home in West Islip, we needed to find a plumber that we could rely on to install our plumbing system, and one that didn’t charge outlandish prices. A friend recommended Order A Plumber, and we are sure glad that she did! The plumbers at Order A Plumber were very knowledgeable, extremely friendly and charged very affordable rates. Not only did they install our new plumbing system, but they continue to maintain it regularly.

Debbie D – West Islip, NY