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When the temperatures outside start to fall, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like most people, you probably head to your thermostat and flip on the switch. When you start to feel the warm air rising out of your baseboard or radiant floor heating, you probably don’t realize it, but you have your boiler to thank for that warmth you are feeling.

The boiler is the backbone of your central heating system. It is responsible for creating and delivering heat throughout your home or workplace. In order to ensure you never get left out in the cold, having a boiler that is in proper working order is absolutely imperative. Being proactive and having your boiler maintained regularly will ensure that this appliance is in tip-top condition so that you can always remain comfortable.

At Order A Plumber, we provide routine maintenance for commercial and residential boilers throughout West Sayville, and all of Suffolk County and Long Island. Our team of expert plumbers will set up a schedule with you to perform routine and preventative maintenance for your boiler. We’ll keep this vital element of your central heating system in excellent condition, and if we notice that there are any signs of trouble, we will make the necessary repairs to ensure that you don’t have to deal with the headache of a failed boiler.

Why Routine Boiler Maintenance is Important

At Order A Plumber, we have, all too often, come to the rescue when an issue with the boiler of a resident or business owner in West Sayville arrives. While we can, and do, correct those issues, the majority of the time, those issues could have been avoided if the boiler was properly maintained. For that reason, we highly suggest you schedule routine maintenance for this appliance.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of routine and preventative maintenance for your boiler:

  • Detect and correct any issues. During a routine maintenance appointment, our plumbers will assess the condition of your boiler and ensure that all elements are in proper working order. While we are servicing your boiler, if we spot any problems, we can resolve them before they become a serious problem. This will allow you to avoid any disturbance to your heating supply.
  • Save you money. When problems exist in a boiler are not properly addressed, they become worse; and the more severe a boiler issue is, the more expensive it is to repair. By having our plumbing crew maintain this appliance, we can correct smaller issues so that they don’t become bigger, and more expensive to repair.
  • Improve efficiency. If your boiler isn’t performing at its maximum capacity, the appliance will use more energy to perform its job. The more energy the appliance uses, the more money you have to pay. For example, if your boiler is run on oil, if it isn’t operating properly, it will use more oil to perform. The more oil it needs, the quicker you go through it, and the higher your oil bill will be.
  • Improve safety. Boilers, while incredibly useful, can pose a serious safety hazard. A boiler that is not operating properly has the potential to produce carbon monoxide, a lethal gas. By having your boiler maintained on a regular basis, you will have peace of mind knowing that the risk of such a danger will be thwarted.

If you don’t have a routine maintenance scheduled for your boiler, call Order A Plumber today! We are conveniently located near all points in West Sayville, the home of the Long Island Maritime Museum and the Green’s Creek County Park and Marian on Clyde Street. We will arrange a routine maintenance schedule for your boiler and one of our certified, licensed plumbers will ensure that this appliance is in tip-top condition.


“When our boiler started showing signs of trouble, we contacted Order A Plumber. They were at our house in no time. After performing a thorough assessment, they were able to identify the problem and corrected it. We were so relieved! Now we have the pros at Order A Plumber maintain our boiler on a regular basis.”